Minimum Requirements for Private Wastewater Systems 

Dickinson County Sanitary Code requires all installations, replacements, and repairs/modifications of private wastewater systems to be permitted through the Dept. of Environmental Services. 

  • Permit applications may be completed online at
  • System must be installed by an approved contractor.
  • Soil Profile by the Dickinson County Sanitarian
  • Clean-out at the house and every 100 feet
  • Schedule 40 pipe to tank and first 10 feet out of tank
  • Tank to grade with riser if needed
  • Length of lateral lines shall not exceed 100 feet
  • Inspection ports at the end of the laterals
  • The Sand Springs Recharge Area requires Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU's) to reduce nitrogen output.
  • Fiber covering chambers in sandy soil (Sands Springs Recharge Area)
  • Chambers should be placed as shallow as possible with at least 6 inches of cover
  • Lagoons must be a minimum of 100' from house and property line
  • Septic tank/laterals must be at least
    • 100' from any water wells
    • 50' from a surface watercourse
    • 10' from house and property line
  • Additional information may be obtained in office or through the following publications