Floodplain News

General Information

From time to time there are new pieces of information about Floodplain Management that are beneficial points of interest for Dickinson County Residents. By now a number of you have probably heard about Saline Counties NEW Floodplain Maps. Some people have asked if we are going to get new maps. Yes, we will be getting new maps. This winter they will be flying what we call LIDAR. It is Laser Mapping of ground elevations. With those accurate elevations, they will be able to provide us good floodplain models to base our maps on. Next year they will use that information to create new maps.

New maps will create a double edged sword situation. They will be more specific for some but could also put others that are not currently in the program in the designated floodplain. When they update floodplain maps it also brings levy issues to the surface and all the levy's in the county would have to be "Certified' and if any of the communities are unable to do that the residents protected by the levy would then be required to get flood insurance.

I understand that is a lot of if's but if you are following Salina News at all you will see how quickly that can cause major issues.

Please remember just because you are not required to purchase flood insurance does not mean you can't get it. If you feel it would be beneficial, please contact your insurance provider and you will be able to buy it at a really reduced rate.

I have personally gone and met with most of the insurance offices here. There is a training opportunity for the agents to help them understand what happens with new maps. If your agent is not aware of the changes please refer them to my office for the most up to date information.

As soon as we have any further information I will pass it along to all of you. When the new maps come out it will be very important that any of you that will be newly added to the floodplain make certain you purchase prior to the adoption of the maps. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. My office will do our very best to keep everyone informed so the best decisions can be made at the right time.

Letter of Map Change

Often known as LOMA's. If you believe that your property has been put in the floodplain on the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Rate Maps) in error, you have the right to apply for a LOMA. If granted, this can either take your structure or your property out. It is up to you to pay the fees for all that is involved with the LOMC applications.

There are many properties that have already gone through that process and the Division of Water Resources has compiled a map to look and see if there has been an LOMC filed for your property.

Dickinson County Floodplain

If you have any questions about floodplain issues please feel free to call the Planning and Zoning office for assistance with your questions. I will try to add items of interest to this page as time goes on.