Planning & Zoning

Dickinson County is zoned. Zoning was adopted in 1975 and has been updated in 1988, 1996, 2002, 2007 and in July 2009.

There is a Planning Commission which is appointed by the County Commissioners. This board has seven members and they hear zoning changes, conditional uses, as well as Subdivision requests. Interested applicants may contact the Zoning office for more information.

At this time, Dickinson County does not have a building code, and does not require any inspections with the exception of septic or waste water systems.

We require zoning (building) permits and waste water permits which are subject to soil profile requirement.

Planning Commission Board members:

Cassy Wilson

Justin Volkman

Nick Weibert

Martin Schneider

Donetta Felbush

Wally Wolfe

James Hedstrom


If your home has experienced any flood damage in Dickinson County please contact the Zoning Office or the Emergency Management office: