SLT Meeting Minutes Sept. 5, 2013


CHAIR: Tim Sanders MEETING DATE/TIME: September 5, 2013 7 p.m.

PERSONS ATTENDING: Tim Sanders, Ken Wood, Jack Burwell, Tom Meek, Bevin Law, Herb Graves, Mark Struss, Doug Lindahl, Bob Meyer, Danny Carroll, Teresa Wilson, Randy Barten, Janet Meyer

DISCUSSIONS: Bevin shared with the group some of the events that took place in Washington, D. C. at the National Association of Conservation Districts he attended. Bevin is the present chairman for Kansas Association of Conservation Districts. Everyone at the conference was concerned about the farm bill and the fact that time to act by congress was running out. Bevin encouraged everyone to get the phone numbers of our legislature and call them with our opinions.

Janet explained the new three-year grant that the LLS received from KDHE. The first year is $49,940 with $26,000 for BMPs. Year 2 is for $49,920 with $25,5000 allocated for BMPs and Year 3 is a $50,000 grant with $25,000 to construct BMPs. The group discussed different options available to encourage more landowners to cost-share on livestock BMPs. Ann D'Alfonso explained via telephone that WRAPS is allowed to stack funding with both state and federal cost share funds. Each landowner must be responsible for at least 10% of any project. Additional discussion was held with regard to the dispersing of WRAPS grant funds. It was decided to leave the payments at 50% for now, but that we may revisit the issue at a later date. Teresa reviewed several applications that she had already received within our targeted areas.

Janet updated the SLT on several happenings since the last meeting. Herb, Tim, John, Randy and Janet had attended the 2013 Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference in Junction City. John also attended the Watershed Tour around Milford Lake, Manhattan, and the Tuttle Lake area. Project areas included the Milford Wetlands, a stop at Tuttle Lake, and ended at the Kansas State University campus. Our illustrious SLT member, Tim Sanders, was a panel member for one of the break-out sessions. He shared his expertise with no-till and discussed some of the crops he has planted. There was much interest from the group to hear about his experiences. The 2013 "Save-a-Drop" Water Festival at Brown's Park was held for about 270 fourth graders throughout the county. Herb, Tim, Teresa, and Cindy all were presenters.

Randy reported to the group about a meeting he had attended featuring Dale Strickler and Cover Crops. The LLS WRAPS in conjunction with the Dickinson County Soil Conservation District and Dickinson County Environmental Services will hold a No-Till/Cover Crop Meeting on December 3rd in Sterl Hall for all interested patrons. A free meal will be served. Arrangements for speakers, food, sponsors and a panel of landowners are almost completed. Publicity will be sent out as soon as final decisions are made.

FYI~ Livestock Water and Fencing Workshop will be held on September 10th at the Abilene Civic Center from 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. There is a $20 registration fee.

NEXT MEETING DATE: To be announced