What documents do I need to get my driver's license or ID?

You can find a list of the documents you need here

You can find more info here.

What driver's license services do you offer?

Unfortunately, anyone who has a permit, restricted license, suspensions, CDL, is a registered offender or is new to the state of Kansas, will need to go to a full-service station. Junction City or Salina are the closest to Abilene. You can find all full-service stations on the following link.


If you are a Dickinson County resident who needs a renewal, name or address change, or needs to add the Real ID, then you can give us a call to get your appointment scheduled.

If you are unable to come in, you can go to the Kansas Department of Revenue page and renew. This is only for those 21-64 years old and if you've had an eye exam in the last year.

You can find more info here.

How can I check the status of my Driver's License or ID?

You can check your status on the Kansas Revenue page.