Non-Noxious Thistles

Wavy Leaf Thistle

  • The Wavy leaf thistle is probably the most common thistle since it is native to Kansas.
  • It has a pale pink flower with a base shaped like an urn which makes the flower resemble the shaving brush and is in bloom from May to July.
  • The leaves are covered by fine white hairs giving them a dusty appearance.
  • Although this plant spreads by both roots and seeds, it is seldom a problem.

Bull Thistle

  • The Bull Thistle is also common in Dickinson County.
  • It is a hairy, dark green perennial plant that blooms from August to September.
  • The shaving-brush-like blooms are usually purple.
  • This plant spreads rapidly in pastures if not controlled.

Tall or Roadside Thistle

  • The Tall or Roadside thistle is the other commonly occurring thistle found in this area.
  • It is easily distinguished by a leaf that is dark green on top and silver on the bottom side.
  • These thistles are common along roadsides as the name implies.
  • They bloom in August and September, but seldom cause production losses.