Emergency Notification System


What is Everbridge?  Everbridge® is a Critical Event Management System (CEM) that allows us to alert you in emergency and non-emergency situations. 

What is the value that a CEM system can bring to Dickinson County? The system enables Dickinson County to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, road closures, missing persons, area events, and more. The CEM also significantly speeds up responses and improves outcomes.

How much does it cost?  Nothing.  No County dollars are used to pay for the service. Fees associated with the use of the system are paid by the North Central Regional Homeland Security Council; made up in part of the regions Emergency Management Directors.

Will it be used just for Emergency incidents?  Yes. the system is to communicate with residents before, during and following an emergency, 

Do I need to sign up for Everbridge®? We’re encouraging all residents to create an Everbridge® account and subscribe to the notifications they wish to receive as soon as possible; don’t wait for the emergency to be here.  

Will I receive notifications about upcoming weather? Yes, weather related notifications are issued by the National Weather Service. You will automatically be notified in the event of a tornado warning based on your provided address. Additionally, you may subscribe to a variety of weather-related alerts that are important to you.  

How will I receive notifications? You are able to choose from a variety of methods. Everbridge® has an app you can download, in addition to receiving texts, emails and limited voice calls. 

How will I know the message is coming from the Everbridge® system? Text information will come through as 88911, we recommend adding the number to your contacts as Dickinson County Notification. 

Is there a benefit to confirming receipt of a message? Yes. If you subscribed to be notified by email, text, and secondary email, confirming the message will stop the notification from being issued to the next method.

How do I confirm a message? A link will be provided to confirm or you can reply with “Yes”.

For additional assistance contact Emergency Management at 785-263-3608 or the County Administration office at 785-236-3120. To sign up for notifications scan the QR code, find the link at the bottom of dkcoks.gov or visit the Everbridge® website.

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